Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finished Project: Yet Another Dang Skirt + Cowl

What hail, gentlefolk! I've been seriously neglecting you all this autumn, and I have little to show for all the time I've spent not blogging. But look, at least there is this skirt!

Fabric: 2 yards free cotton sateen-ish stuff from Fabric Mart
Pattern: All drafted by me, right down to the pockets
Year: 2012
Notions: 9' invisible zip, $.25, some interfacing, maybe $1?
First Worn: August 2012
Wear Again: Obviously!
Time to Complete: 3 hours
Total Cost: Less than $2-- hooray!

Circle skirt + Botanical Gardens is totally a pre-Thanksgiving tradition, now-- I made a similar skirt and a similar visit during this week last year! I am delightfully predictable. 

I am an easily frustrated lady. It's easy for me to think that I learn too slowly or can't do things well, so it's an incredible relief to have concrete proof that this year's projects are infinitely better than last's. 

Maybe I'll even show y'all how I did these slanty side pockets! I forgot to grab a photo, but I'm obnoxiously pleased with 'em.

This scarf-- cowl? loop? thing? is an old, old finished project-- from last Christmas, in fact! It's literally the first (and to date, only) thing I've ever knitted successfully. 

If you would like to whip up one yourself or for a buddy, the pattern is Jen Geigley's Gap-Tastic Cowl, available on Ravelry. It seemed like a really fast project, even for a remedial knitter like myself. Make one for the winter, make one for Christmas presents. Hooray!

Now it's your turn-- what are you makin'? Warm things for winter? Christmas presents? Plots for world domination? Inquiring minds (re: I) want to know!


  1. The cowl is beautiful! I wish I could knit!

  2. Very nice! And nicely styled too. Now I want to make another circle skirt. Or maybe a 1/2 circle..hmm!
    And very nice cowl. I'm currently knitting obsessively so I'm trying to draw other people into it too. Go knit more stuff! :D